Feng Shui Extravaganza 090111

It was the first time that I went for ‘FENG SHUI TALK” at KLCC!

Getting the 2 x tickets, I went there alone, because I don’t want to miss the opportunity that was given to me to attend such event!! AND, I was happy to meet blogger cum friends, Kelly there! We sat together!

Thanks worldcard Malaysia for the free gift, FENG SHUI WORLD magazine and of course, the tickets! Get my ‘LUCKY CHARM”, a gift from Lilian Too, the ox amulet to protect myself for the whole 2011! Another one, I remembered my beloved mum, so one amulet for her! Hoping mum be blessed during this metal rabbit year!

It was the 11 years that Lilian Too gave this kind of talk! For her, she wish to share her knowledge on Feng Shui with everyone who is interested. Famous Master Yap, who is her friends since teenager, came to support the talk as well!

In perspective of Feng Shui, year 2010-2014 seem to be disastrous to the world, believe it or not, depend on individual. Those earthquakes, floods etc which happened worldwide last year (2010) reflects!

Famous Lilian mentioned: “Feng Shui is the art of placement”. During the talk, I gained some knowledge on path chee chart, flying star chart and 3 dimensions.

Of course, many are curious about the luck for 2011…so I share some of the slides here:

May the year of golden rabbit gives the best to everyone!


Tan Ai Tin said...

good sharing

Miss~Sunshine~ Kelly said...

lucky chai fung blow good luck to me...

ChaiFung said...

ai tin, yeah~


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