Lucky stars for kids at Hospital Kuala Lumpur Pediatrics Ward

I was invited by my friends to do something meaningful for the coming Chinese New Year. LET's spread our love to Hospital Kuala Lumpur Pediatrics Ward!

It is very simple and we would greatly appreciate it if anyone of you wishes to help to achieve the target in shortest time. Let’s give some lucky stars to the kids who are suffering from the sickness with the best wishes that the lucky stars bring some joy and luck to them in this coming CNY 2011!

Since some of my friend’s friends are the volunteers in the ward, they will send the lucky stars to the kids on 120211. I think a small concern like this will mean a lot to those kids!

Target = 35,000 Stars! (350 kids in HKL Pediatric, 100 stars per kid)

You can do it as many as you can. My friends will collect from me by 24th January 2011. So, if you are interested to spread the love, you can pass the lucky stars to me and I shall pass to my friends.

Anything can email me at or PM me at fb. I sincerely thank you and wish to hear from anyone of you.

P/S I am going to do the lucky stars from old magazine or wrapping present paper…because I care~

this is my start to do the lucky stars~


Chai Fung


MeRy said...

If I were at KL...for sure I will do the Lucky stars and pass it to you..too bad I am so far Sibu now.

ChaiFung said...

thanks mery~the sincere counts!

Tammy Miu said...

100 stars so they can make a wish right chai fung?

ChaiFung said...

tammy, is it?i am not sure about the amount of stars. it is a kind of blessing to them~

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