Nokia Win Big Contest

If you were about to ask me how am i feeling right now...i would scream to you, and tell you that, i am overexcited!!!

It is only the 8 days of the start of 2011!yet, i feel so blessed for the lucks! I am not showing off but wanna to share it out!

can you believe?!!! I was so "pek chek" with my hp last year, because it made me crazy, i cant listen to what the one on phone with me!!!Because the hp was spoilt and it drove me into depression! So, i bought myself a new handphone!

because of the nokia C3 that i bought last month, i won myself Nokia BH-108 Bluetooth Headset (RRP RM139) and 3rd prize: 5D4N Gold Coast, Australia Holiday Package for 2 consists of the following (Total valued at RM10,000)~thank you Nokia Malaysia !

thank you all my friends who wish me at fb~Feel so good with all those "congrats" at here

So, australia, wait for me...i want to bring my beloved mum to travel there!

now, wait for the staff from nokia malaysia to contact me~thank you very much nokia malaysia for such big present!


Fruity Purplicious said...

congrats.. u r so lucky~

ChaiFung said...

thanks dear~

angel said...

Congrats... u r really so lucky.. i saw u won many contest.. envy-ing.. hehe... =)

ChaiFung said...

thanks angel~

Anonymous said...

im happy for u! from facebook user xD

Anonymous said...

because im happy that i just won a bluetooth headset and i guess when u win the 3rd prize it is understandable how excited you are...haha

ChaiFung said...

can i know who are you? anonymous~

Anonymous said...

Congratez...........happy for u

ChaiFung said...

thanks anonymous...who are you?

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