Blueberry + Chocolate Indulgence

~Blueberry + Chocolate Indulgence~

What you think about this combination?

First, do you like blueberry? Well, I like blueberry.

Blueberry is categorized under the genus Vaccinium, a native American species and also one of the few fruits native to North America. It tastes sweet.

So now, how about chocolate indulgence? Think of secret recipe? Well, I like chocolate indulgence also.

A creamy and rich Belgian coverture chocolate and white chocolate filling, chocolate indulgence definitely the best for a chocolate lover's dream.

In short, I like both blueberry & chocolate indulgence. I enjoy the tastes of both now, of course, the tastes can stay there, changed in next second, shift to other tastes? Who knows?

One thing for sure, I cherish every tastes that I have!


Summer Ice said...

Sweetie,is very nice ...I love both of this two,blueberry& chocolate ...Mmmm....Yummy.....

ChaiFung said...

sweet summer, that meants u like me~lol~

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