Thank you Lancome Malaysia

I came across the Lancome booth at Mid Valley few days ago.

I dropped by the booth to ask about the make-up foundation suitable for my skin type. Since my skin is combination of dry & oily type, i always feel bad whenever the weather is hot. So, i need some suggestions.

Out of my expectation, the girls were so friendly that they checked my skin type before offering me a seat. Here comes the make-up artist. He said, he demonstrated for me. While he demonstrated, he explained to me in details, he even shared with me simple tips to have simple make-up.(Because i told him that i am quite "lazy" to spend long time in make-up before going out =P

Thank you to him, yes, this is the kind of service that i like! AND,I AM GOING TO BUY MYSELF THE FOUNDATION AFTER I FINISHED MINE~

See, the photo of me with make-up artist after the make-up~


AnnaYJia said...

Lancome foundation is the best foundation for me ^^

ChaiFung said...

hi anna...i like it also...will use it when i finish my current stock =P which type are you using?

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