Poh Kong 1 day 1 winner~020111

Finally, I went to Poh Kong HQ with kenji di di, a friend whom i know through fb and WCM big family!It took so hard to get there due to some circumstances, yet, we made it there at last!

Won this butterfly pendant during the 2nd day of 2011, the day I came back from countdown at desaru with my friends!

Just love it so much, going to wear it soon~

Luck, please follow Chai Fung for the whole 2011!!! Of course, I hope to share the luck to everyone~

thank you Poh Kong~

with kenji di di~


Tammy Miu said...

^__^ i am so happy u're happy Chai Fung!!! your lucky pendant!!!

ChaiFung said...

love you so much, tammy!!!!thanks for being so supportive!!!!hug u next time when we meet!

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