pasta zanmai 201110

Pasta Zanmai, Mid Valley

Pasta Zanman is known as Japanese Casual Pasta Restaurant which inspires delicate and healthy Japanese food as well as pasta. It is created from fresh & natural raw materials, prepared to perfection with original recipes.

Last Friday (201110) was my first time stepped into pasta zanmai, mid valley! A great treat for myself there as I enjoyed the environment there a lot, besides being served with the delicious Japanese food.

best friend at pasta zanmai~

I am a sushi lover, my most favourite is unagi whereas my best friend, chun’s most favourite is salmon. Of course, I like salmon as well. Come to the conclusion, Chai fung=unagi, Chun=salmon =)

See, these are some of the random photos that I took there, at pasta zanmai~

this is what my bff and i ate~so many right?hehe

i like the mirrow in zanmai~

Zanmai, i am falling in love with u~


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