xmas tree

December is coming!!!So, santa claus is coming to the town!!!

Just for no reason, I like christmas very much.

For me, X'mas is not only celebrated by our christian friends, it is a festival that belongs to everyone...

Came across WCM fb, there is a contest regarding transformation of xmas tree from starbucks tumble.

I decided to design a xmas tree of myself. I like colourful, that is why, my xmas tree must be colourful one! Angel is there sending the warm regards to everyone, where i wish angel will send my regards to everyone whom i love, especially my dearest family and friends!

I like presents, that is why, under the xmas tree, there must be presents, for everyone...because receiving present is excited one!

A house is shelter to everyone, i hope everyone is celebrating xmas with their loved ones.

It might be still earlier to say merry xmas, yet, i cant wait to wish everyone have a blessed xmas 2010!

hugs and loves to everyone whom i care~


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