happy bdae in advance 1202

She is my best friend from kindergarten till now, so, can you imagine how deep is the friendship between both of us?

It seems like I am going to write a love letter to her here, forgive me for being “gelik” here…

We came from same place, it is only half miles distance between our house in hometown. We were in same kindergarten, same primary school, same secondary schools until form 6. We were separated in different university during our degree, but, for our master study now, we are again, in same university.

Sometime friendship grows in the heart of two persons, only when both of the individuals cherish it, the friendship will remain! So, we are meant to be best friend forever!

Upcoming is her birthday, maybe it is still early, yet I do wish her happy birthday in advance!

Besides her, my besties include Vicky who is also my bff since kindergarten and cindy who is my bff since primary 6. In short, four of us are bffs for so long!

we are besties, cindy, vicky, chun and rainbow

For such kind of celebration, there is always the strong feeling among us to gather together! No matter how busy we might be, yet we are willing to spare out the time, fit the time for each other, just because we love each other so much!

So, let us cheers for our friendship, my dearest sista! My life wont be meaningful without anyone of you. Of course, feel so thankful to know chan wee (cindy’s bf), jiew seng aka ngaiti and his gf shwu fang! Life is too good, because we are here for each other!

dedicated to all of you, vicky, bin, chan wee, jiew seng, shwu fang, cindy, chun~

Maybe another reason is, we are from same hometown, also same area. Upcoming is another great gathering which I longed, I am going to countdown till the day…

So, happy birthday in advance my dearest, Chun chun~let’s pray for the success, let’s grad together next year, go for your dreams, and wish you granted with love!

our wishes to u, is there forever, chun chun~


Anonymous said...

weee~~~ I like this very much, personally!! hehe..
thanks ya dear for the blog, that specially dedicated to me.. and thanks all dear who were there to celebrating my early bday..:')
My life wont be complete without 3 of u.. my bff forever~ Love ya...

Chun Chun

ChaiFung彩虹 said...

hehe, u r most welcome~
the only reason is we are meant to each other!cheers dear~

Anonymous said...

Wah...well done Rainbow, i like this so much!!! Anywhere, i would like to say I appreciated this friendship, and i love u all always!!!


ChaiFung彩虹 said...

hehe, yeah~appreciate it also, love always vicky~

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