happy deepavali to myself

Thanks Zheng Norahs for sharing the great news last night! I went to MV to exchange my old mascara with the Max factor New launch False lash effect mascara! they gave out 30 pieces per day from 10-11 november today, tomorrow and 071110! ***reminder: please be earlier, i was there at about 950pm, and i was no21!***it is always good to have exchanging like this, but, frankly, i dont like one of the Max Factor's staff (i am not sure who is she)...she is not friendly at all!anyway, i shall not complain, shall thankful for it, haha...

I like to make friends...and today, finally i met Nicole Levina and also her friend, isabel! And I definitely like them. Also, finally, i saw Wendy not in marathon, run or charity event!

I always like to take photo, so here comes the group photos~

While waiting for my dear friend to come, i was very hungry, and guess what, i went to oasis food court, had ginger dory fish...sometime it is good to be alone also **antisocial**

fish is always my favourite!

after that, i went to universal traveller, i received a consolation prize from a magazine last month with the photos of my family and I during travelling at China (CNY 2010)...It is a cash voucher RM150! yoyo, i bought myself a pink jacket cost RM180, i just need to top up RM30!!!

maybe this one...i can bring to genting tomorrow!

while i walked alone, i saw empro roadshow! one thing i am sure is, they are friendly, and i like them for sharing beauty info with me~surprise here (secret to be revealed next week)~***thanks my dear bff, cindy who comes to lend me something***I am Happy~I even met Cia wei with her pretty eyelashes! wanna vote for her if she enter the contest!

sweet grace and pink~

Finally, i met my dearest bff, ashley...we had our movie, megamind~then had our dinner at kenny roger, we always like to treat ourself with food, that is why, i never manage to slim down =P before i came back home, had wonderful drink at starbucks, chit-chatting!*** people went to starbucks coffee for coffee, but, i go starbucks for any drinks except coffee ( cafein in coffee makes my heartbeat irregularly=P***

I enjoyed my day very much~~~


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