International Conference on Food Research (ICFR)

International Conference on Food Research (ICFR) is organized by Faculty of Food Science and Technology, UPM from 22-24th November 2010 at Marriott Hotel, Putrajaya.

At first, I registered for oral presentation, half way, I changed to poster presentation, and at the end, I quited for the conference due to some reasons. I was upset that time yet no choice, but to accept it. The day finally came, yesterday was the first day for the conference. I received call from my bestie telling me that one of my labmates won’t be able to go for the conference, I meant, first day of conference. Later on, I received sms from my other labmate asking me to go. They feel empty without me (touched by the word a lot, thanks to all of you)…
Later on, my other friend told me they are going to the conference at 12pm. So coincidentally, I was having discussion till 12 pm sharp. Having myself changed in formal clothing in 5 minutes, I went to the conference with them.

It took more than words to express how thankful I am! I really feel so blessed! Strongly believe that, I was bornt to have some luck! Angel is always there giving lucks to me and I just appreciate it a lot! My labmates (kak noorlis) said to me yesterday: “ You are lucky, bornt to have such luck”.

No regret, as I made it also at the end to the conference, having sitting there to listen to the presentation by some speakers at the food safety session!

Chai Fung at ICFR~thanks tasha for the pass~

signature of us~kak noorlis, tunung, hidayah, wong and CF~indicated that we were there on 221110~

Chai Fung is lucky!


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