14th International conference on emerging infectious diseases part 3

Highlight of day 2 was…FINALLY, I met Prof. Buchi from Japan!

It was just a coincidence that we saw the name of Prof. Buchi in the participant list, and it was the greatest pleasure and luck to meet him in such conference.

He is a nice professor whom I would say, thumb up, I respect him. I remembered how he helped me in my first paper, giving me good suggestion and comments, and even helped me for revision of paper before my first paper on my project getting accepted and published online.

He is a polite professor and talk nicely to all of us, concerning about our progress! Thanks Prof Buchi from Japan. I sincerely wish Prof Buchi granted with best health all the time. Take care Prof. Buchi!

Also, this was the day that my labmates and I went to watch movie at penang, wonderful~thanks for the treat,kak noorlis, yummy, delicious of the localities~


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