14th International conference on emerging infectious diseases part 4

Finally, it comes to the last day of the conference!

preparing myself to go for conference~IN TUNE HOTEL~

i love this photo very much, taken with my best friend since kindergarten, woan chwen a.k.a chun chun~

chun chun with me

a big applause to kak noorlis who never forgot to buy her kid, iman a toy~i can feel the warmth of a mum through what she did to her family!

for iman~


thanks all my labmates who gave me sweet memories this few days...SO now it is the time to come back to the reality, gonna continue my thesis and paper writing! i shall blog about food safety issue in coming days, specially dedicated to food safety lab 2, WE ARE HAPPY FAMILY~


Anonymous said...

Thank you to you too Chai Fung for taking and snapping the photo, a sweet memories with you all....-kak noorlis

ChaiFung彩虹 said...

haha, u r most welcome~sure it is a sweet memory~

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