14th International conference on emerging infectious diseases part 2

Here comes the first day of the conference. I was attracted by the name tag and the file given by the participants, very well organized. I bet the organizer had put much effort in it!

One thing good about conference is "free food", hehe, i think many of us (student) loved this one the most. Cheers, all the food prepared in G-hotel for breakfast, lunch and dinner were delicious!

tea break~everyone enjoyed it~ubong, jeshween, petrus, kak noorlis, hidayah, wong, and chai fung~

wonderful lunch, we were very full~also sleepy zzZ~

Let see the menu for the US-Japan EID Dinner:
1. Braised shark's fin soup with dried scallops & crabmeat
2. Steamed herbal chicken wrapped in glass paper
3. fried prawns with golden salted egg yolk
4. Braised 3 types of mushroom with brocolli
5. steamed seabass 'teow chew' style
6. fried rice in lotus leaves
7. chilled honeydew melon with sago & ice-cream

yummy, had a wonderful welcoming dinner~served by the friendly, kind, and handsome waiters~

Having met new friends=P also met my ex-coursemate, liana from UTM~

liana~my ex-coursemate~

Some of the random photos of the day~

~photo of the day~

~i love the day 1~


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