14th International conference on emerging infectious diseases part 1

One day before the conference started, we headed to penang in Kak Noorlis's car. We departed at about 11am in the morning and took about 5 hours to reach there as we stopped for lunch.

I contacted my dearest ex-coursemates cum bffs in penang~so nice seah yang a.k.a. yang, kok lim a.k.a. pisces, and sue lyn a.k. a. lyn were too willing to spare out their time to meet me, thanks dearies~

thanks for the dinner, hehe, all were delicious, i just loved penang kueh tiao and laksa very much, the taste was much better when it was with you all, cheers.I" remembered pisces keep on asking me, "what you want to eat?" doumo arigatou gozaimasu~as what i promised, i gonna treat all of you once i stepp into working society and once i get back to hometown. SSB friends, i gonna wait you all in kuching next time!

We went to hard rock hotel which has very wonderful view. I wanna get myself a better camera so that i can capture all the sceneries. I am aiming for a photo shooting one day for my families, friends, and scene.


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