Bio-essence tri-Action Aqua Boost "Sleeping Beauty Search"

Have anyone come across Bio-essence tri-Action Aqua Boost "Sleeping Beauty Search"?

i received the phone call from bio-essence this evening saying that i am short-listed as one of the ten contestants to participate in the events where contestants are required to attend three workshop in 3 consequantive sunday starting 19 september.

I was excited when she congrats me, cause i like Linda Chung very much, and if attend the final, we will have the chance to have portrait with Linda Chung.

too bad, i had to reject it. this sunday i will be at my hometown, next sunday i have charity-run~

wonder who are those 10 contestants...


AnnaYJia said...

wow ~ so fast ? I tot today is only the deadline for registration ?

Anyway so sorry to hear that you gotta reject is really such a precious chance :)

ChaiFung彩虹 said...

yaya, i received the call just fate~~~but there will be more chances next time~~

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