Da.Mon.Ster album

thanks for the Da.Mon.Ster album by creative home magazine...thanks INpublishers Malaysia

I am listening to the album now...yeah, nice songs...i like the "I Love You. You Love Me" very much! also "love will keep us alive"...

the songs inside the cd album include:
1. Prelude
2. Party time
3. Sit down
4. Dj play this love song
5. Love will keep us alive
6. "Dont cry" Intro
7. Expired rubbish
8. Friends forever
9. P Forever
10. Expired rubbish

dedicated "friends forever" to all my friends...

thanks cindy and her brother, also shwu fang...for the help...also thanks mr. "ng tahan" for the info...haha

whoever wanna listen to the songs in the album, can take from me...i borrow anyone who likes to listen...:-)


Miu said...

congratz chai fung!!

ChaiFung彩虹 said...

thanks tammy~~~

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