Gold Coast Trip

CF and mummy at starbucks coffee while waiting abroad. We enjoyed Frappucino!

Took photo of mummy in front of AirAsia plane.

Walking along surfers paradise, it was surfers paradise festival!

I like the beach there, it is pretty nice view!

We went to Sea World, love penguin, love dolphin, love sea lion, love sea cucumber, love them all!

Movie world, batman, Scooby-doo etc…

Paradise country, sheep, kangaroo, coala…

Enjoyed the trip so much, thank you very much to nokia Malaysia for the 3rd prizes!

I would say…it is sweetest, when the moment spent with the most beloved mummy!


-ĕvå- said...

it seems a great trip!

ChaiFung said...

indeed it was,dear YH~

-ĕvå- said...

only u both go travel..?

ChaiFung said...

dear YH, it was the winning trip for two persons, so i went with mum =)

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