BHR Padawan Nature Challenge 2011

I headed to Borneo Highlands Resort for the first time last Sunday, not for sight-seeing, but for BHR Padawan Nature Challenge 2011 which I mentioned in the post earlier.

I get to know about this event from Sarawak Bloggers! Thank you very much for the information, Sarawak Bloggers! Entering myself into the category “Sports Toto Kalimantan View Trekking Challenge 10 km (ladies)”, I met new friend, Sherrie Pui who was my trekking partner of the day!

A total of 23 teams participated in this category, we were “Borneo Ladies” =) I would say, a cute name given by my partner.

Here it is, this was the registration counter, also, here was the start and finishing line for the nature challenge.

Breakfast was provided for the participants, had burger with tuna and juice for myself.

A quick pose, yes, I was here, at Borneo Highlands Resort for the first time.

Took a photo with my partner at the start and finishing line before flagged off.

This is the route map for the four categories of Nature Challenge.

My name tag for the trekking.

Ready…1, 2, 3…and go!

It was my first time having such jungle trekking, unexpected, I never knew that it was not easy to “survive” in the jungle. Experiencing myself with all the obstacles, uphill, downhill, cross the river, etc.

What I learnt was, I gotta follow the “red mark” by the organizer, or else, I would trap myself in the jungle. I would rate, jungle trekking as dangerous event, if you are not fit enough, but, it would be an enjoyable one if you like the adventure.

Surprisingly, throughout the journey, I hardly felt any tiredness, maybe, I was used to marathon last time =) However, I experienced two thrilled obstacles, where, we need to cross the steep place, any carelessness, would fall into the river. Thank you very much to the two gentlemen who helped me during the day. (Asked myself that time, how am I going to cross it…**scary**)

Halfway during the trekking, it was raining. It was slippery and we needed to be extra-careful. How dirty my sport shoes as it was full with mud. My partner said to me that she was the cleanest girl at first (wearing white), but dirtiest (muddy) at the end. I laughed.

The most exciting moment was when we reached the kalimantan view point, at least, we made ourself here. It was not my usual way, to give up half way for everything I did. However, this time, I surrendered half-way. I wish I can finish the journey, yet, I bet, safety is more important. I remembered my mum and uncle told me the day before the event, safety comes first. For a jungle which I was not familiar, I don’t wish to get myself into trouble, especially I was with a girl who is younger than me.

Of course, it was nice to meet Cyril (media team) to cover the event. He was polite and friendly, but, I missed the chance to take a photo with him. Reserve it for next time. Thanks to him for taking photo for Sherrie and me!

Guess what, this was the first time I experienced the bloody legs. I thought I was injured during the trekking until the PBSM told me that they were leeches! Experiencing the non-stop bleeding till dinner time, until my uncle helped me to buy cigarette (tobacco can cure)…and the next day whole day itchy-ness in office, and bore with it.

I would say, it was a good experience. Will I join next year? Let decide next year!


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