Taiwan International Flora Exposition台湾之旅最爱

Well, I would say, I am a flora lover, it is simple that, I love flowers so much.

Having the chance to visit Taiwan International Flora Exposition was the greatest pleasure that I had.

How amazing it is when I see the land of flowers!!!It is known as “rainbow land” at night.

It was so big that consisted outdoor and indoor flora exposition, due to the time limit, my family and I only managed to walk around the outdoor compounds.

For me, it is a flower land of dreams! How I wish I can lay down the flower land, sleeping there, having my sweetest dream there. Some of the flowers give sweet aromas, it is the beauty of nature, I would say!

I love colours, as colourful as possible, it makes me feel happy. Of course, when I see purple colour, it stimulates my happiness even more!

I am starting to dream now, if I can have a land of flowers, how nice it is! Perhaps, one day, when I have my own dream house, I shall have a garden of flowers!

I love you, flowers!


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