xmas eve presents

I was told that i will receive xmas gifts. But, it is really too amazing, i would say!

Received 3 xmas eve's gift since morning till now!How nice it is!

Thanks crystal jie for the chocolate, it is so sweeeeeeet~

sharing is always caring, i will bring it for 2ml xmas gathering with WCM friends~

Thanks tammy for the Kiehl's product, you know me well, giving me products in support of red ribbon campaign!

Thanks johnson for choosing me as 1 of the fans for special product review, like the sentence" we've chosen you because we think you have the traits of a Johnson's baby care woman!

Never expect to have so much blessing for this merry month. 2nite go for the free xmas party and 2ml genting and ABBA concert!

thanks for everything, xmas season had been treated me so well!

merry xmas everyone with love


suzsuz said...

It's because you have been so generous in sharing so much with other people. that's why you are so prosperous!! :)

ChaiFung彩虹 said...

thanks dear for the nice reason...hehe, sharing is drop by here more, cheers

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