Xmas deco at I-City

At last I went to I-City Shah Alam. It is a world of lighting and there was a large crowd when we went there last night.

Of course, I was attracted by xmas tree, snow and cold weather. However, I was a bit disappointed with it because it is not in my expectation. I hope there is christmas song playing around to make it more happening, yet, I heard “selamat hari raya” song there…I am not relating it to any region, but, I just wonder why…how come no christmas song at all…

Dark indian CF~

Anyway, I took a lot of nice photos with my dearest sista, Ashley, Kon and Chun. Photo captured all the happiness at that time! I shall shout: I am Happy!

For those who likes colourful , you might consider to go there; but, if you don’t like lighting, I won’t encourage you to go, or else, you will say: It is only light everywhere!

At least I make it to I-City, once in a lifetime, cheers~

As the christmas season coming nearer and nearer, I feel the merrier more and more! This is the happy feeling that I had! I hope it will last!!!

So many christmas trees~

Happy new year 2011

I like this photo the most...maybe because i like white christmas~

For more photos, can view my fb photo album at here


Anonymous said...

I never knew I city is so pretty!!!

ChaiFung彩虹 said...

Nicole, then you must go there, it is very pretty!can go once~

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