Christmas GiveAway 2010 at CF's blog

I like Christmas very much! For me, it is not only a festive celebrated by Christian, but it is a festive for everyone around the world!

I like Santa Claus, I like Christmas tree, I like Christmas gift etc…I used to exchange gifts with my best friends in hometown during my form 6 time, exchange gifts with my coursemates during our degree time…Simply because, I like the joy and fun that we had together and I just miss so much about all those celebrations!
Came across my mind to be santa claus to some of my friends here, thanks for dropping by my blog when you are free, thanks for being so supportive to what I blogged, thanks for the comments and encouragement to me! Words will never enough to express all my gratitude to all of you! I love you all!

AS I AM STILL A STUDENT and I will not be giving expensive gift, I hope my sincere counts! I am going to give some small gifts to 5 lucky friends in my blog.

all of these presents were wrapped by CF~

What you need to do:

1.Become my follower in my blog (I like merry, so I want to have more friends at my blog, hehe)
2.Comment by telling me why you like Christmas very much, of course please tell me why you wants my “small” gift and which present you wish to have, number 1-5)

3.Leave your details:
Follower ID:
Add me in fb

Participate now and before 16th December 2010 11 am. I will send email to the 5 lucky winners and post the names in my blog by 16th December 2010 11 pm. Please respond by 17th December 2010 11am and take the present from me at MidValley on 19th December 2010 11am.

Thank you very much. Share this out because sharing is caring. Wish everyone Merry Christmas 2010 and happy new year 2011!

P/S this giveaway is only for those who like to receive present without considering the value of the present (I mean price)…I practice sincerity and appreciation, thank you.


shereen said...

Name:Shereen Sow
Follower ID:shereen1224

I like Christmas because it will snow in some western country.My chinese name "Xue" means snow.Besides, I was born on Christmas Eve. I love Christmas a lot!!!!!I wish to have gift number 5.

merry xmas to you n thanks

ChaiFung彩虹 said...

Shereen, happy birthday in advance!

suzsuz said...

Name: Suzanne Tan
Follower ID: suzanne1705

Xmas is a day to celebrate the people around. The gatherings and gift exchange are just ways to show appreciation to the people u love.

and i love celebration! so dats why i love xmas...n presents too!! even more so, when i don't know what it is...(because surprises are another thing i love!)hehe...i want number 3 (because it's in the middle).

ChaiFung彩虹 said...

good luck dears~

Anonymous said...

Name: Nicole Wong
Follower ID: Nicole

I love Christmas because its time of giving and loving! :)

I want present no4. It has the biggest deer face :P hehehehe

ChaiFung彩虹 said...

Suzanne likes to be at the middle?=P

Nicole, u like deer is it?=)

sweetmomblog said...

Name:irene lim
Follower ID:nicole (my gal gal name)
Add me in fb ~ i`m ur frens ady in fb

i love christmas because it the season of sharing joy . i though of christmas as white , snowy and lots of joys n funs . even my kids love christmas as the shoppin complex will deco the whole complex wit christmas feel . they love christmas as it the day i share gifts wit the family n they love to help decorate the christmas tree n hope to c snow too ~

my gal gal said that others hav picked 3,4 n 5 then she will pick 1 as only no.1 gift got deer pic ~

Anonymous said...

Name: Crystal Lam
Follower ID:Crystal9777

I love Christmas very much. Hoping that I can received a christmas a present this year as never received one before. From no.1 to 5, anyone will do as it is a special present to me no matter how much value it is.

Anonymous said...

Name: Jenica Cheong
Follower ID: Jenica

i love christmas very much because christmas is the day for everyone to enjoy the fun~~~ i love exchange presents with everyone too~~~~

ChaiFung彩虹 said...

dear Crystal, please choose only 1 of them to be entitled as lucky draw =) thanks

ChaiFung彩虹 said...

dear jenica,

please follow my blog~under the tab "follower"....thx

Anonymous said...

Dear Chai Fung

Then I choose no. 2 lah

Regards/ Crystal

Mr Yadayadayada said...

Name: Azwan Azri
Follower ID: Azwan Azri

I like Christmas very much because the Christmas songs are cheerful and merry, brighten up my day and make it more lively, leave all sorrows and gloomy.

Please please gimme the gift no. 1 because it seems bigger, should have bigger surprise in there, which make my life merrier! ^__^

ChaiFung彩虹 said...

thanks for participating. the giveaway is ended now. good luck all!

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