So Soft. So Johnson’s® 24 hour lasting moisture body lotion

A sincere thanks to So Soft. So Johnson’s® for giving me a chance to review the Johnson’s® Body Care 24 Hour Lasting Moisture Lotion.

Well, let’s me talk a little bit about it! Johnson’s® body care is a nurture and care for our skin. Understanding that there is a difference between baby and adult skin, Johnson’s® introduced the special line of body care products specially for adult woman!

As for 24 hour lasting moisture body lotion, it is designed to give touchably baby-soft skin with the shea butter, vitamin E and jojoba oil within 24 hour!

24 hour lasting moisture body lotion attracts me by its aroma. I think most of us don’t like to apply greesy lotion which once exposed to sunlight or used for long time, will feel uncomfortable. So, the advantage of using this moisture body lotion is, it is neither sticky nor greesy! Once apply to your skin, you can feel the soft and smooth as it has a strong absorption to our skin! The long lasting effect that it gives will sure give you the best moisture all days long! This is what I felt when I used this body lotion! Of course, last few days when two of my best friends visited me, they like this lotion as well because we, lady or woman, like to have soft and smooth skin!

Thanks So Soft. So Johnson’s® for creating this line of body care for beautiful soft skin specially for woman! Come and join So Soft. So Johnson’s® fb at here!


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