A-saloon RM50 voucher

Anyone is planning to have whole head colouring, treatment or perming at A-saloon before 31st december 2010?

I won a RM50 off voucher from A-saloon and since i am not using it, i would prefer to give to anyone who are interested.

Perhaps a hair service for christmas dinner or new year 2011?

To have this, please comment under this post, and be my followers, that is enough!

Leave your follower ID, name and email address, and why you wish to have this voucher. One of the lucky one will get this voucher from me.

I shall send out the voucher to you by 101210 (friday). Please comment before 071210 (tuesday) 6pm. The lucky one will receive email from me and you have to reply me by 081210 (wednesday) 6pm.

Please share this out. Thank you.

P/S credit to A-saloon for giving out the voucher.


Fruity Puplicious said...

Follower ID: fruity_purplicious
Name: KJ Leong
Reason: It's now year end and soon is CNY. I need to get rid of my terrible, frizz hair to welcome my brand new year. Your voucher giveaway might just in time to be my chritmas gift too~!

A Lin said...

Follower ID: (may i know how to follow >.<)
Name: JolinChai
Reason: By using this chance, wanna have a new changes of look for myself perhaps, because a lot of my friends said to me that, i'm look so "traditional" and nothing bring any new and fresh look T.T

ChaiFung彩虹 said...

Hi Jolin, u can follow by clicking the "follow" under followers at the bottom of my blog~

A Lin said...

i guess i'm done? hehe..Follower ID: Jolin Chai ;)
thx for guideline ^^

ChaiFung彩虹 said...

you are right, jolin~

Jessying said...

Ah I want! I love their perming!!!

Jess Lee
I wanted to change my hairstyle which has with me for few years, wanted to have a new look for new year, a new ME !!

ChaiFung彩虹 said...

Hi jess~to be fair, please state down follower ID even i know it, hehe, thanks

ChaiFung彩虹 said...

Congrats Jolin Chai! You are the lucky one who win the voucher from me! Please check your email and reply me.
Thanks KJ and Jess for joining!

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