Lucky Winners for Christmas GiveAway 2010 at CF’s blog

As promised, here comes the lucky winners for the Christmas GiveAway at CF’s blog!

Thanks for the participation!

I had sent out email to 5 of you and please respond by 17th December 2010 11am and take the present from me at MidValley on 19th December 2010 11am at Centre Court, MV.

Present no1:

Azwan Azri

I like Christmas very much because the Christmas songs are cheerful and merry, brighten up my day and make it more lively, leave all sorrows and gloomy.

Present no2:

Crystal Lam

I love Christmas very much. Hoping that I can received a christmas a present this year as never received one before.

Present no3

Suzanne Tan

Xmas is a day to celebrate the people around. The gatherings and gift exchange are just ways to show appreciation to the people u love. and i love celebration! so dats why i love xmas...n presents too!! even more so, when i don't know what it is...(because surprises are another thing i love!)hehe...

Present no4

Nicole Wong

I love Christmas because its time of giving and loving! :)

Present no5

Shereen Sow

I like Christmas because it will snow in some western country.My chinese name "Xue" means snow.Besides, I was born on Christmas Eve. I love Christmas a lot!!!!!

Congratulations and celebrations! I hope you all like the present when received it! Also, Happy birthday to you, shereen~

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2011

Chai Fung


suzsuz said...

yay~~~ im so first xmas present!!! :) feel lucky when visit dis blog..haha!!

shereen said...

so happy.thnx chai fung.XD

Tammy Miu said...

wow nice.. wrap so nicely.. no wonder u ask me go see u in midvalley...

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much dear!!!! =D So excited!!!!! :D hehehe I had respond to you :)

ChaiFung彩虹 said...

suzanne~happy to hear that you are happy~please continue visit my blog here~

shereen~you are welcome~happy birthday in advance~

tammy~thanks i wrapped it myself, it is full of love~

nicole~cheers, please check back your email~

Azwan Azri said...

Thanks a lot Chai Fung! ^_^

ChaiFung彩虹 said...

azwan~you are most welcome~

see you all~

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