Hands-on training on Microbiological Food Safety and Quality Assessment Part 2

Finally it comes to the end for the international seminar & workshop on "Hands-on training on Microbiological Food Safety and Quality Assessment".

Thanks my supervisor for giving me the chance to be one of the committee member for this workshop. Giving such exposure to me is such a great experience! I really learnt from this workshop, having meeting all those ICMSF members in Malaysia is my honour! I like such experience and knowledge sharing from these expertises!

Well, I need time to learn more on it, so that i can apply the knowledge! I was challenged by my lab senior today, that she is going to ask me to stand in front and give lectures to those participants! thankful for everything, i know i really need to pick up fast!!! time waits for no man, i cant just remain there without any move!

to all my labmates who didnt join us, the presentation slides were with me, i will share with you all~

**May i have the courage and expertise like all of them one day!**One day, i wanna stand in front and share my knowledge**

photo of the day

~took photos with ICMSF members~


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