WCM & clinelle

Winter sonata contest by WCM to win RM100 universal travellers cash vouchers!

i scrolled and scrolled down the list of winners and saw it!

20. Pui Chai Fung1) Where shall i bring my love to travel this time? Hokkaido? 2) Is he going to bring me to Hokkaido?3) Hokkaido? Hokkaido?Cheers, same thinking, let's us head to Universal Traveller to buy sweater and go hokkaido!

Haha, am i being too crazy to go hokkaido!! I dont think i am creative enough, just that, the WorldCard Malaysia is so generous to give out rewards to their fans!!!

i had been winning a lot from WCM since became the FOTD on 101010, before that, i joined much contests from WCM but no luck, the lucks seem follow me....

another one...i am a clinelle skin product user nowadays...AND, this afternoon, i received the call from them telling that, i am the lucky 100 VIPs for the happy skin workshop!!!wow, that is great!!!

goodies bag awaits!!!!

out of all, the most important luck i need should paper which i had been working so hard for months! and this is the 2nd revision that i did...give me luck once i tried my best on it...that should be the greatest present for me this year 2010!


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