Pantene Blogger's Tea Party

As promised to translate to tammy and fatin, here i go...

The unprecedented Pantene Blogger's Tea Party was held at Petaling Jaya Jaya One's Hair Atelier. All the bloggers selected to participate in this activity obtained the ultimate VIP treatment. The professional hair care team used the new Pantene Recharging Fluid Pro-V formula series for their washing, drying and styling.

Under the sponsorship of Pantene new series products , this group of invited bloggers have begun their home care testing since 14 days ago. Since this latest revolutionary hair care product is successful in reducing hair loss and very effective to give soft and shiny hair, so all the bloggers' hair glow shiny in the day which amazed all the audience.

This series of specially formulated products was told to be able to solve the hair problems encountered by all the women around the world, from the tail fork, hair loss, hair tangled problems to rough hair. You can see the thorough changes in 14 days! Besides, this does not include the amazing effect of reducing the hair lose problem where it can reduce the original 100 pieces to 2.

Many bloggers arrived the saloon at sharp 3 pm, so the activity started very quickly. The organizers showed a slide on the new Pantene Recharging Fluid Pro-V formula after which all the bloggers were invited to enter the unique world of unprecedented Pantene. They enjoy the care such as manicure, makeup and photography which fully reflect the theme of this activity, that is "love care of themselves."

These bloggers show happy and confident smile in front of camera besides sharing their experiences after using trial Pantene products. They shared the fruit fragrance experience that they experienced when using the products, enjoying the activities very much.

The manager of Procter & Gamble (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, Goh Seng Jone said: "Let the women more self-confidence is our target to be achieved now. When they go through after this breakthrough technology, their hair damage problem will be significantly improved so that women can reclaim dazzling light. From the overwhelming response from bloggers, we look forward to organize similar events in the future. "

* Pantene hair care system can be used within 14 days to reduce hair falling by 98% due to fracture (as opposed to non-treated hair shampoo). *

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