birthday celebration cum farewell

Food safety lab 2 was having postgraduate meeting after a long break...

It was a nice day~to celebrate birthday~happy belated birthday to tunung who didn't join us for the meeting...happy birthday in advance to our supervisor, Prof Son, also to labmates, tuan zainazor and wong woan chwen~

see, they are so happy...
happy birthday to prof son, tuan n wong..

i always like group photos~~

congratulation to dr chai lay ching who is going to UM for lecturer position, we wish you the best! and thanks for the KFC treat...

take care dr chai~

come back often to help them (Lee, 2010)

not forgetting, wanna wish our lab member, jeya who is going to have viva soon...we shall call her Dr. Jeya very soon...

also ganbatte to all food safety lab2 members...we shall fight together and graduate 2gede!

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