lucky day 101010

Who's the shining star tonight? It's you, twinkling all night long... ♥ @Pui Chai Fung, the Fan-Of-The-Day: 10.10.2010

Wake up wake up wake up!!!OMG, just cant believe it. How shock i saw the photo of me in the WCM page!

I cant believe it yet it is real true (statement from WCM, 101010)...

if you browse through the WCM page now, you will see how many WCM fans wishing me there for being so lucky today!!!

hehe, it is really a day that i wish to remember!!!Luckily i make myself an effort to go for the hooha asia run, also thanks wendy who helped me to take the ticket for the jazzercize or else i wont win back the cereals...

I love all of you, my dear friends, who congrats me there...i wanna share the happiness with you all, let us go genting, hehe~

have a nice memorable day to everyone, cherish today as it will be once in 100 years!

Link of the photos:!/photo.php?fbid=10150106060616521&set=a.137971766520.125370.132849171520


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