FarmaCell Shape~SHINS~

I was one of the lucky one to receive instant RM150 voucher from SHINS to test and review on Oakeysi Milkofil shapewear. Thanks SHINS!

I went to SHINS midvalley this afternoon to collect the shapewear. TOO BAD, the shapewear is out of stock and they are ordering it now. I was adviced to try FarmaCell massaging items instead.

See this, Oakeysi Milkofil shapewear is out of stock~

I read through and found out that there are four versions:
(1) FarmaCell Basic
-soft and delicate micromassage which improves blood circulation & reduces the accumulation of fat deposits and removes excess toxins.
(2) FarmaCell Silver
-Innumerable benefits and therapeutics propeties of silver combined with massage.
(3) FarmaCell Shape-massages & models. same massaging efficacy of FarmacellBasic
(4) FarmaCell Milk
-Massage, moisturizing, softening and antibacterial combined with massage.

Out of all these fours, they recommended me to buy the FarmaCell Shape-for Vest and Short.

FarmaCell Shape-vest

FarmaCell Shape-short

How effective this FarmaCell Shape compared to Oakeysi Milkofil shapewear? Maybe let Nicole Levina at her blog and I try and then review on it. As what i am concerned, Oakeysi burns fat whereas FarmaCell shapes our body tone. I bought Thalissi slimming and modelling oil from SHINS before and i will apply it and use the FarmaCell shapes to see whether it is effective before come back to all of you, ladies out there...

Thalissi slimming and modelling oil

P/S finger-crossed, i wish i can gain back confidence this time so that i can wear pretty dress...because christmas and chinese new year is around the corner!


Stay tune~i shall come back with the review after one month!


Nicole Levina said...

yo Chai Fung ^^ lol i havent reviewed it yet haha, will review it next week :D haha

ChaiFung彩虹 said...

thx for dropping by nicole~~~i shall review it after one month, so excited with the voucher haha...
i am waiting fro your review here!

Anonymous said...

Hi chai fung. I'm searching for this Thalissi product and accidentally saw your blog.. May I know is the slimming oil works as well? Pls advise.. Tq..

ChaiFung said...


I believe in everything, you need to be this case, same applies, I was not that consistent in applying the result was not obvious...

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