Mizuno Wave Run 2010

Yes, i did it! Is for myself!

Still remembered i was kinda a girl who don't like sports since young, i don't like the sport class everytime, i felt sick of the class!

Since last year, started with the Elken Quacky Run in support of the cervical & Breast cancer campaign, I run! that one was about 4km! This june, i registered myself for the standard chartered KL marathon, 10 km! yes, i manage to run within qualifying time 1 h 30 minutes because i trained for it!

Follow up i went for UPM E-charity run (5km), then hooha asia fun run (5km) and now mizuno wave run (11km).

I set the target to finish the run in 1 h 30 minutes, but i failed the mission! that was the sad side for it, didn't manage to get the medal, it was too far for me...but thanks god, i finished the run in about 1 h 35 minutes, hopefully it is.

time to stop running, hehe, at least it was the commitment that i gave to myself, which gave me the strong determination to run for it! It was such a great achievement! At least to myself!

Wanna say WELL DONE to myself for being able to make it, no regret, cheers


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