BenQ Around the World Bonus Lucky Draw

Here it is! Finally I get back the BenQ C1450 that I won together with my friends, Yennie and Chan. So coincidentally we are friends who knew each other during our WCM first fans trip!

BenQ C1450 is the world’s first HDR-capable AA battery-powered camera with HDR Image Enhancement Technology, 14 megapixels and high-definition video.

I was excited and waited for long time for this prize, however, I was a bit disappointed when extra accessories such as memory card and rechargeable battery set are not included.

Therefore, I clarified with BenQ Club and thank you for their prompt reply that this lucky draw’s gift, BenQ C1450 digital camera is a complete unit which comes in a standard package. The C1450 is operated by AA batteries, so the battery set is an optional peripherals which dependably on users decision to purchase. So, some extra accessories such as memory card, rechargeable battery set are not included.

Getting the reply, I satisfied and would like to appreciate BenQ Club for giving out the bonus lucky draw for 3 of us where we get 1 camera each.

Here, the prize was given to my dearest uncle. Cheers.


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