Singapore trip

Came back from Singapore trip with my dearest bffs cum hometown friends...

It is the first time we used train together! It is the also the first time 4 of us (Vicky, Chun, Cindy and I) went for a trip together!!! Four of us are best friends since kindergarten and primary school. That's why we cherish our friendship very much!

we are best friends forever!

Of course, i feel so thankful because my primary and secondary school friends were so generous to provide us accommodation or else we will need to spend a lot! I was totally amazed because their room is very clean and tidy...sorry to hao because he chose to stay at living room~thanks for accompanying us even tired, and take leave for us!

Thanks for the very wonderful treat!!!bringing us around...went to few shopping malls such as boonlay, vivo city, bugis street etc. Of course, i like orchard road because i like all those lighting and christmas trees! I like sentosa as well...also i like casino both at sentosa and marina bay =P

I like the laughters that we had those few days! Well, i miss all of you, that is for sure!

Friendship forever~because we are OLD friends~

this is the only photos which all of us are inside~

photos captured remain as sweet memories forever, more photos in my album here


Anonymous said...

Its great to have friends scattered everywhere :p Free lodging when you travel! ;p

ChaiFung彩虹 said...

yeah nicole~it is true~

Evonetan said...

wau really enjoy ur trip~wish to have such big gang travel 2gether too haha~

ChaiFung彩虹 said...

evone, i definitely appreciate the friendship that i have~travelling together is always fun!

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