Love letter from Chai Fung to WCM

It was an awesome and wonderful trip that I had with WorldCard Malaysia admins and fans. The 2 days 1 nite trip (13-141110) gathered fans from different states in Malaysia!!!I was touched and impressed to see most of the fans came all along from north part of west Malaysia, either by midnight bus or driving, just for this first ever fans trip organized by WCM!!!

A great thanks to WCM for organizing this event, thanks to the sponsors, thanks to everyone who makes this trip a success. I never went to a strawberry farm before, that is why I kept on taking photos here and there! I like strawberry, especially the dried strawberry! It took more than words to express my feeling during the discovery session at genting where we were divided into groups and explored the 10 signatures spots in genting! With the heels that we wore, we still made the efforts to complete the tasks! I love you all, my groupmates and our leader, arepeace…
Time for relaxing, here we went to pedas spring for back massage! Different expressions were shown on our face. I just liked the massage very much, as I posed with my smile and peace! However, I felt the heat down my foot till I told the professional massagers that I can't stand the heat!

chai fung with strawberry

chai fung with best sista, ashley

with groupmates, cheers

Glitz shows was the highlight of the trip! I think all of us enjoyed the show very much! Beside given chocolate as the Christmas gift by the sponsors, we were treated with VIPs seat (RM78 per head) and given the opportunity to take photos with the performers!!!It was too excited and I can feel myself on top of the world that time. I was impressed by the magics by CHARLES BACH who is the Award Winning Magician from USA!!!

glitz show

I liked to go theme park for all those games and rides last time, it flashed back 3 years ago when I had my trip with my coursemates at genting! As getting older (haha, in fact, I don’t like to admit that I am old), I started to feel scared with all these rides, my excuse is that I love my life so much now, lalala…however, for no reason, just because everyone showed their interest to play, so I joined them! As this was another games by WCM, we were helping each other to take photos while riding.

fun fun fun

Came back home with heavy feelings yet all are sweet memories that I had with WCM fans, from knowing each other through facebook, till we meet, and now we are friends who know each other, I know that I have more friends now, and this is what I like! Just simply, I can’t live alone in the world.

Thank you everyone for the involvement in this event! For WCM fans who cant join us, it is alright, don’t get depressed, as I believe, there will be more rewards from WCM! As WCM loves their fans, just like how much our love to WCM! Cheers~

putting the group photo as calender, it shall be our memory forever

Chai fung


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