ice-cream 4 u 241010

Finally, i went to ice-cream 4 u concert with my dearest friends last night! One word, WORTH! That is what i think!

my dearest friends...(from left)kon, siew lian, me, chun, yyan...

also to yyan sista and bf~(not in photo)

I enjoyed the concert from beginning to the end! I went there because i like fish leong very much, finally i saw her in person!!!

Some of the songs that i liked were:

(1)品冠~疼你的责任 (he is so handsome=) with the guitar, i started fall in love with guys playing guitar~
(2)宇恒~依然是朋友 (this is the song i always listen to, because of its meaningful lyrics)
(3)梁静如~小手牵大手 (i love fish leong, and finally dreams come true, no regret)
(4)....and so many more, cant remember all the songs...

worth it worth it worth it!!!I really had very sweet memories there...thx wai yan for becoming driver, hehe...and thx my dearest friends, because of you all, i made it to the concert...

how is next year? hehe~remember to bring another person as what singers ask us~~~

p/s i need a camera, hehe, wanna be pro one day...wait till i have money i shall buy myself a nice camera~~

for more photos, view here


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